I can say “I love travelling, studying languages, creative handmade and dancing”, but this will not tell you much about me. Hence, meet the most important long-term passions of my life.

1) In every place I go, included the working reasons, I search for a milonga. I am a passionate tango dancer since October 2006.

Here in Regensburg, there is a pretty big tango-community. With a group a likely-minded people we also organize a small tango event “Smiling Angels’ tango”. Come dance with us! As a result of the spring (charity) edition in 2016, 500 euro were transferred to CAMPUSAsyl project that aims at integration of refugees into the German society.

My favourite festival of folk dances is Gran Bal Trad in Piedmont.

2) Biking, jogging, and pilates are nice, but they give (me) not enough push for creativity while practicing them. The best sport ever embraces power training and dancing, and it is pole fitness.

If you are in Regensburg, do try it at Rock’n’Pole.

I hope, one day I will be reasonably good.. But there is still a lot of training needed.

3) A temporary suspended handmade activity CaT-N-Go.

The last big success was at the Tangomagia Festival in Amsterdam in December 2012. One day I will resurrect my CaT-N-Go; I have too many ideas.

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