If you are interested to learn more about me, read this informal interview made in 2015 during my visiting stay at the Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.

In general, I can say “I love traveling, studying languages, creative handmade and dancing”. Meet the most important long-term passions of my life.

1) In every place I go, included the working reasons, I search for a milonga. I am a passionate tango dancer since October 2006.

Here in Regensburg, there is a pretty big tango-community. With a group a likely-minded people we also organize a three-day tango event “Smiling Angels’ Tango Weekend”. We help CAMPUSAsyl, a project that aims at integration of refugees into German society. After the second, spring-2016, edition we could transfer to CaAMPUSAsyl a check of 550 euro; in autumn-2017 it was already 1500 euros. Come dance with us, your contribution can make a difference!

My favourite festival of folk dancing is Gran Bal Trad in Piedmont.

2) A slowly reviving handmade activity CaT-N-Go. This time I am also interested in upcycling and in creating comfortable home- and underwear.

The last big public success of CaT-N-Go was at the Tangomagia Festival in Amsterdam in December 2012. Let’s see how where it leads me this time 🙂

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